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The POD Property Fund is an unlisted capital growth real-estate company founded in 2013 by Abland, Nedbank and Safika. They provide investors with the opportunity to invest, at cost, in prime development opportunities sourced and developed by the Abland development team and are expected to deliver above-average total returns over the medium term. Shares in the risk and reward associated with development, with the development partner executing the development on a turnkey basis. POD’s objective is to create a portfolio of low-risk A-grade properties, which will ultimately be sold in 6 to 8-years to a listed REIT via a share-swap transaction to extract the value created through a tax efficient structure and create liquidity.

Atterbury Group

The Atterbury Group (Atterbury Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd or “Atterbury”) was founded in 1994, South Africa by Louis van der Watt and Francois van Niekerk, with a primary focus on developing retail centres and commercial buildings.

For 25 years, Atterbury has developed prime commercial, retail and residential property across South Africa, the rest of the African continent and more recently, Europe.

Atterbury Property Holdings is the operational company in the Atterbury Group. This holding company consists of development, corporate services and asset management divisions.

Atterbury Property Holdings have always believed in development as a catalyst for economic and societal growth and improvement. A creative environment, featuring elegant architecture as well as safety and accessibility are all hallmarks of Atterbury developments.

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