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Centurion Investments have defined themselves by renting office workspaces, industrial properties, and retail properties – but that is only part of their story.

Centurion Investments has a rich history in the property market. After their inception in 1985 at the Lougardia Office building in Centurion, South Africa, they have taken a keen interest in property and office renting solutions.

Their reputation has been built around exceptional developments, as well as the knowledge and experience required to be called true specialists in the industry.

They furthermore pride themselves in the relationships that they have formed with development partners and customers alike. This recipe for success has allowed Centurion Investments to identify and explore numerous opportunities in the property market.



Development partners with the same values, integrity and philosophy enable us to explore larger investment opportunities by sharing our business network.



Business relationships are very important to Centurion Investments, and this holds especially true with the relationships that they have developed by way of joint venture partnerships in larger developments. These include the following:

West End Office Park

Size: 24,000m2
Type of development: Office Park

Hillcrest Office Park

Size: 20,000m2
Type of development: Office Park

Hillcrest Boulevard

Size: 8,500m2
Type of development: Office Park

Cochrane Industrial Park

Size: 9,000m2
Type of development: Industrial Park

Centurion Junction

Size: 8,500m2
Type of development: Office Park

Riverside Office Park

Size: 24,000m2
Type of development: Office Park

Relationships with the following development partners have grown from strength to strength and ensured that Centurion Investments is still competitive in today’s demanding property market:

Social Investment

By practicing our philosophy, Centurion Investments is proud to have created 180 direct employment positions throughout various disciplines ranging from property development to the tourism industry, throughout our economy.

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Centurion Investments rents and sells Office Workspaces, Industrial Properties and Retail Properties. Our ultimate goal is to save you money while building long-lasting relationships, so why not get in touch? We look forward to it!

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